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Curtains down, I'm laughing at the trial
Help me to unravel
Tangle of my innocence inside
Faith's bout to be severed
(Oh oh oh oh)
Won't get any better
(Oh oh oh oh)
Walk under the ladder
Shout out just one reason what's this for

You can see that whatever the weather
That the wind's always there, always fair
(Oh oh oh)
And it has always been now or never
The decision has got to be made
(Oh oh oh)

Desperate thoughts, your hope calls you a liar
Fear begins to revel
Nothing but your will sets you on fire
Fire lasts forever
(Oh oh oh oh)
Can't get any better
(Oh oh oh oh)
Dance under the ladder
If you dare, so what you're waiting for

MELOVIN - Under The Ladder (Eurovision 2018) (YouTube відео та караоке)

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