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I see you walking down the street
Know where your house is
Don't be so mean next time we meet
Know what your heart is
Two women taught you good and well
You're just a getter
Two women walking through this hell
Deserve much better

You better love me or leave me
Take away what you give me
Love me or leave me now
You better leave me or love me
Know everything about me
Love me or leave me now

I'm not another, I am the one
And I wanna walk around with my head up high
I wanna pick the flowers in my own garden
And raise a lovely little child
But now I'm standing here and asking
(Standing here and asking)
Is it ever, is ever gonna end?
It's been like a curse on me all this time and I wonder
How much longer are you gonna keep my in this jail?

ALLOISE - Love me or leave me (YouTube відео та караоке)

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